Join a Webinar Tribute for a Pioneer in Electromagnetic Field Design

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Webinar Introduction by Daniel Beeker:

Unassuming and humble, Ralph Morrison spent his entire career seeking the connection between the world of electronics and the underlying physics. He published his first book in 1967, which became a foundation text for the signal integrity and EMC community. Ralph’s keen understanding of electromagnetic fields and energy management provided a wealth of knowledge which he tried to give to the world. Unfortunately, most of the electrical engineering world failed to recognize this incredible gift. Ralph’s teachings were mostly ignored by academia and industry alike. We will never know the true measure of Ralph’s genius, now that we have lost him. We hope that today, you will get a little closer to understanding his contributions, and take this opportunity to follow in his path to understanding the world of EM physics and use this knowledge to be more successful in your product development. It is all summed up in the following statement from Ralph: "Buildings have walls and halls. People travel in the halls not the walls. Circuits have traces and spaces. Energy and signals travel in the spaces not the traces."


  • Introduction by Daniel Beeker

  • Life, Education, and Publications

  • Ralph's Rules

  • Field Stays Put

  • Electromagnetic Field Energy

  • The New Reality

  • How a Signal Propagates on a Microstrip

  • PC Brd Design for Low EMI: Rules

  • Lower EMI 4-Layer Board Stack-Up

  • Lower EMI 6-Layer Board Stack-Up

  • Lower EMI 8-Layer Board Stack-Up

  • Very POOR 8-Layer PC Board

  • Very POOR 10-Layer PC Board

  • Discontinuous Return Paths and Crossing Gaps

  • Demo-Gap in Return Plane

  • Difference Between Gapped and Ungapped