The Relevance of Ralph Morrison and His Focus on EM Field Physics

Dan Beeker Discusses Field Physics and Ralph Morrison

At YouTube.

It's All About the Space: Electromagnetic Fields for Normal Folks. Daniel Beeker.

Forget what you think you know about electromagnetic field energy. Circuit theory pretends that electric energy is made up of electrons moving in the conductors, where the load instantly responds to the flow of current. This is false. Learn the basic principles of electromagnetic field physics to better understand their behavior so that you can design more robust PCBs with improved EMC performance.

EMC and Signal Integrity Design Techniques

Daniel Beeker. YouTube.

EMC and Signal Integrity with Dan Beeker.

Remember, it's "all about the space". Podcast and video.

EMC Courses, Webinars, and Consulting

With Dr. Todd Hubing. Go to


SSCLabs is a full-service EMC test and design laboratory located in Reno, Nevada. Operated by two 40-year NARTE EMC engineers with an extensive background in FCC, CISPR, CE, MIL-STD 461, RTCA DO160, Boeing D6-16050, and automotive ISO testing.

EMI Test Lab. FCC - CE Mark Certification. Design Mitigation and Precompliance

EMI Test Lab helps electrical and mechanical engineers pass the global standards for radiated emissions and other CE Mark-related tests.

Wyatt Technical Services LLC. EMC Seminars and Design.

An independent EMC consulting firm that specializes in EMC design, troubleshooting and training services. Kenneth Wyatt.

D. C. Smith Consultants

High-frequency measurement website. Links to interesting technical goodies for download, as well as other interesting websites, and information on my seminars. Douglas C. Smith.

Signal Integrity: Problems and Solutions.

Dr. Eric Bogatin. "There are two kinds of design engineers, those that have signal integrity problems and those that will". Presentation here.

High-Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic (Prentice Hall Modern Semiconductor Design)

By Howard W. Johnson and Martin Graham (1993-04-08). Considered the original "bible" of high-speed design issues, High-Speed Digital Design focuses on a combination of digital and analog circuit theory.

High-Frequency Measurements and Noise in Electronic Circuits.

Douglas Smith. This ready reference provides electrical engineers with practical information on accurate methods for measuring signals and noise in electronic circuits as well as methods for locating and reducing high-frequency noise generated by circuits or external interference. Purchase here.

PCB Design for Real-World EMI Control.

By Bruce R. Archambeault. This book helps engineers understand the potential sources of emissions and how to reduce, control, or eliminate these sources.